Welcome! Bienvenue! Benvenuti! Bienvenido!

On behalf of the administration, faculty and support staff, I welcome you to International Studies Preparatory Academy (ISPA) for the 2016-2017 school year. I am honored to have been selected as the founding principal of this prestigious school and I look forward to an exciting year full of positive and rewarding experiences for your child. The ISPA curriculum, aligned with the International Studies Program (IS) provides a rigorous comprehensive curriculum which prepares high school students for the next phase of their education and develops them to be proficient in a modern language. The French, Italian and Spanish modern language academies will not only meet their graduation requirements, but also immerse the students of ISPA in an international curriculum as they prepare themselves for the future.

At ISPA, we share in your wish to prepare your child for the future that we cannot imagine, to raise their global and international awareness, and to develop their intercultural appreciation, as they become life-long learners.

At ISPA, we are committed to providing an educational experience where students acquire the 21st century skills of innovative thinking, creative problem solving, and critical higher order reasoning, as they become productive citizens of our community.

At ISPA, we will establish an environment that will instill self-esteem, respect and discipline.

At ISPA, our students will pursue world language studies in addition to a consistent academic curriculum, with an international focus, that addresses rigorous standards of both the United States and European Union’s educational systems.

As principal, I look forward to creating traditions and developing a legacy that the students of ISPA will be proud of for years to come.

Best wishes to all of you for a successful school year, as we embark on an extraordinary journey of “Building a Legacy” at ISPA.

Once again, welcome to our web site and school!

Alejandro Pérez, Principal